At Claims Funding Australia we take on the financial risk of litigation. We offer secure, dependable and timely cashflow to ensure your clients’ claims are sufficiently resourced and properly prosecuted.

How it works

Litigation funding can provide your law firm with financial stability to pursue cases which otherwise may not run due to lack of funds. Here’s how it works:

  • We allocate at least two qualified lawyers to assist on the assessment and management of a claim, from end to end.
  • We assess funding proposals quickly and fund claimants directly so our funding contract is with your client, not your law firm.
  • Your client always maintains control of the litigation, not Claims Funding Australia.
  • You client’s invoices will be paid by Claims Funding Australia, each month, in accordance with our funding terms.
  • Your law firm and your client can focus on the litigation without financial risk. Your client wont pay anything unless there is a successful outcome and only out of any recoveries made.

What we fund

Claims Funding Australia can provide a number of funding arrangements tailored to the needs of your clients.

  • Legal fees
  • Adverse costs protection
  • Security for costs
  • Claims investigation
  • Disbursements (counsel, experts and court fees)
  • Early, interim and staged funding

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