At Claims Funding Australia we provide secure and dependable funding to insolvency practitioners. We remove the financial risk of litigation, allowing insolvency practitioners to engage lawyers and pursue claims that would otherwise be unrecoverable due to insufficient funds.

How it works

Claims Funding Australia can play an effective strategic role working with your insolvency practice and relevant law firm. Here’s how it works:

  • We allocate at least two qualified lawyers to assist on the assessment and management of your funding requirements.
  • We enter into funding contracts with insolvency practitioners.
  • If needed, we provide funding to obtain any necessary court or creditor approval.
  • We can provide funding to cover legal fees and disbursements as well as the insolvency practitioner’s professional fees.
  • We can also assist with setting litigation budgets and dealing with costs overruns.
  • With backing from Claims Funding Australia, defendants and their lawyers know your claim has significant financial depth and capability.
  • CFA is only paid if there is a successful outcome and only out of any recoveries made.

What we can fund

Claims Funding Australia can provide a number of funding arrangements tailored to the needs of your situation.

  • Legal fees and disbursements
  • Claims investigation and Public Examinations
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mediation
  • Litigation and trial costs
  • Appeal costs
  • Adverse costs protection

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